A MUSSELBURGH man was caught breaching a court order after his ex-partner invited him to spend the night with her – then called the police to report him.

William Wallace, of North High Street, was granted bail on a separate offence at Edinburgh Sheriff Court in February last year with a condition not to contact or approach the woman.

But Wallace was found to be in breach of the court order when the woman asked him to spend the night at the Toby Carvery and Innkeeper’s Lodge, Corstorphine, Edinburgh.

During the “romantic” evening last September, the woman decided to report Wallace to the police about him breaching his bail conditions.

Police officers arrived at the Capital hotel to find 36-year-old Wallace fast asleep in one of the rooms and he was woken up and arrested.

'Found asleep'

Fiscal depute Xander Van Der Scheer told Edinburgh Sheriff Court: “On September 3, the accused was invited by the complainer to attend at the Innkeeper’s Lodge.

“She had in fact booked the room and the accused and the complainer spent the evening together when the police were then contacted. They were contacted by the complainer.

“Police attended and the accused was found asleep within room 219.

“The accused was asleep within the room and the complainer refused to provide a statement.”

Wallace appeared back in the dock at the city court last Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to the breach of bail conditions charge.

Lawyer Stuart Carson, representing Wallace, said that his client was now a single man, was unemployed and was in receipt of benefits.

'Succumbed to temptation'

Mr Carson said that Wallace had been invited to spend the “romantic night” with the woman and the pair had been in “an on-off relationship for a number of years”.

Mr Carson added that Wallace had “succumbed to the temptation” of his ex-partner’s invitation and “accepts he should not have done it”.

The court was told that Wallace had two previous convictions for breaching bail conditions.

Sheriff Julius Komorowski said: “I am concerned this might be a pattern of behaviour and what I propose to do is defer sentence.

“Please be warned I am concerned about you having two convictions for previously breaching conditions of bail and this is a serious matter.”

The sheriff deferred sentence on Wallace to April 30.

Wallace pleaded guilty to failing to comply with court bail conditions by contacting or approaching his former partner at the Toby Carvery, St John’s Road, Edinburgh, on September 1 last year.