WORK to repair damage to underground cables connecting Knox Academy to the internet should be complete within a matter of days.

Concerns had been raised that the issue was impacting on pupils at the Haddington secondary school as they completed assessments for their various exams.

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council confirmed that repairs were being carried out and should be complete by the middle of next week.

They said that the education service was working alongside senior staff at the school to “identify and mitigate” any impact on pupils.

The council spokesperson said: “Damage to an underground fibre optic cable connecting Knox Academy to the internet and the council’s wider network has resulted in reduced network capacity within the school.

“The leadership team and staff have put in place measures to reduce reliance on the network so that key activities can continue and the school has access to internet through our resilience arrangements, with additional capability provided.

“This is a temporary measure while our own IT teams have worked with external contractors to prioritise the necessary cable repair and replacement.

“Works have already taken place and we expect it will conclude by the end of January following the completion of enabling groundworks.

“All teams have prioritised this activity, recognising how important network functionality is to support all aspects of the curriculum and the school’s operation.

“Our education service is liaising with the senior leadership team to identify and mitigate any impacts on senior students.”