A Port Seton youth worker is celebrating winning £2,000 on Forth 1’s morning breakfast quickfire quiz, the ‘£2k Minute’, becoming the first winner of the competition in 2024.

The competition, which is played every weekday on the Boogie In The Morning programme, sees contestants asked 10 general knowledge questions in 60 seconds, with a prize of £2,000 being given out if the contestant can answer all 10 correctly.

Scott McConnachie, a youth worker at St David’s High School in Dalkeith, took on the challenge, not only answering all the questions in time but doing so with a few seconds to spare.

From questions such as “how are pop duo The Cheeky Girls related?” to “which football club plays its home matches at the Tony Macaroni Arena?”, Scott smashed through all 10 questions with time to spare.

Listeners were on the edge of their seats as hosts Boogie and Arlene went through the county man’s answers, before being left on a cliffhanger as host Boogie accidentally played the morning news before revealing that Scott had got the final answer correct.

When asked what he was going to do with the money, Scott said that he planned to go on holiday with his wife Tracey.

He said: “We’ve been looking to try and book a wee trip so I think we might go to Berlin.”