LIFEBOAT training turned into a real medical incident yesterday (Sunday) when Dunbar’s RNLI volunteers came to the aid of a runner who had fallen and hurt her ankle.

The lifeboat crew had just finished training and at 12.50pm had arrived back at Torness, where Dunbar’s Trent-class all-weather lifeboat is moored.

They were then asked to assess a 31-year-old woman’s injury sustained during a Borders XC series five-mile run, near the nuclear power station.

The volunteers assessed the woman’s injury and kept her and some fellow runners warm until an ambulance arrived.

Jamie Forrester, a volunteer with the RNLI crew, said: “Happily, we were able to reassure her that she hadn’t suffered a serious injury and helped her sit up and move to where she was more comfortable.

“It was good for us to be able to put our casualty care training into practice.”