A REVISED policy introduced last year on the use of mobile phones in Dunbar Grammar School is to be reviewed.

The code of conduct was brought in in recognition of “the growing range, sophistication and number of devices owned by students”.

When the policy was introduced, it was stressed that phones “must always be kept in school bags or lockers” and were not to be “stored in pockets or carried around in students’ hands”.

Other bulletpoints include that earphones should not be worn in corridors or classes and that devices can be used by pupils sitting in social areas during break and lunch.

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It reads: “Any use of phones in school should be wise and respectful.

“Do not send unpleasant or inappropriate content and do not take images or videos of others without their consent.

“If a student is found to be using a mobile phone in class without permission, they will be given the opportunity to put their phone away.

“If the student continues to use the phone, the teacher will ask the student to place it on the teacher’s desk/in a designated box, until the end of the lesson.

“Parents/carers or others may become involved if the misuse is serious.”

Now, parents, students and staff are being invited to join a working group to “evaluate this new policy”.

A group will meet in the school on Tuesday to plan a consultation approach to review the policy.

Anyone looking to find out more about the meeting, which starts at 4pm, should email admin@dunbargrammar.elcschool.org.uk