A NORTH Berwick High School pupil has led a project to celebrate local biodiversity in the town.

Ava Towner, an Advanced Higher art pupil and chair of the school’s eco-group, teamed up with fellow pupils to produce an artwork in the town’s disused phone kiosk.

The kiosk, on the town’s Westgate, is run by pARTicipate, a community art project.

The display, named ‘North Berwick Native: A Celebration of Local Biodiversity’, was installed last month and will remain at the kiosk until March.

Pupils collected the leaves of native trees and shrubs from the more-than-300m school hedgerow – which faces partial removal after East Lothian Council approved plans for new sports pitches at the site.

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Ava told the Courier: “Biodiversity is an often-overlooked factor of the climate crisis.

“In this project, my aim is to do what I can to raise awareness of what biodiversity is and how important native species are.

“The leaves you see hanging in the telephone box have been made in a printing workshop by NBHS pupils who are just as passionate about these issues.”

Julia Zeller-Jacques, of pARTicipate, explained to the Courier that displays in the art kiosk phone boxes “aim to engage local people and visitors in local and national issues by raising awareness and signposting how they can get more involved”.