HAUNTED house tours of Newhailes House at Musselburgh can be enjoyed in January and February.

The National Trust for Scotland visitor attraction was once home to the influential Dalrymple family for nearly 300 years.

Over the years, residents, staff, volunteers and visitors have experienced and reported things that they could not quite explain.

Whistling in the corridors, ghostly music, footsteps in empty rooms and shadowy figures have ensured that Newhailes House has a reputation for being haunted.

Members of the public can experience the "atmospheric" house for themselves.

A guide will lead visitors through the often-eerie Dalrymple family home, recounting stories of intelligent, residual, and even poltergeist hauntings.

The tours are not recommended for children under 16.

The route also involves several flights of stairs and may not be suitable for everyone.

There are still tickets left for tours on Friday, January 12, at 9pmm and on Friday, February 9, at 9pm.

Go to eventbrite.co.uk/e/newhailes-haunted-house-tour-tickets-379117870757 to book.