Public views are being sought on the locations and suitability of current polling stations in East Lothian.

In accordance with legislation, local authorities are required to undertake a statutory review of their parliamentary polling districts and polling places every five years.

This includes current polling districts and the suitability of the buildings and rooms used on election days for polling purposes.

Each polling district has a designated polling place for use on election days, providing suitable facilities which are accessible to all electors.

Residents across East Lothian are being asked to provide their views on the location and accessibility of their local polling place.

Monica Patterson, East Lothian Council chief executive and returning officer, said: “Our elections team always aim to locate polling places within a convenient distance for the majority of electors’ homes and with the premises being easy to find and accessible to all.

“It can be difficult to find the perfect premises and securing permission to use them, but we always aim to provide the best possible solution.

“As part of the consultation, the proposed polling districts and places, along with maps, can be viewed online and paper copies are also available at Brunton Hall, Musselburgh, and John Muir House, Haddington.

“We’re keen to hear the views of local residents regarding the location and accessibility of our polling places to ensure they are accessible for all voters.”

The consultation began earlier this month and runs until January 29, providing members of the public, elected members, MP, MSPs, political parties, community groups and disability groups an opportunity to comment on the proposals.

Anyone making representations should, if possible, give alternative places that may be used as polling places.

The online consultation is at