“OTHERWORLDLY artwork” is at the heart of a debut exhibition in Haddington.

Fee Scroggie, who has lived in the town for the last two years, has widely exhibited in Edinburgh over the last decade.

Previously, she was based in Leith’s Coburg Studios but has made the top floor of her home on Haddington’s Newton Port into her new place of work.

Now, the exhibition, which is her first in East Lothian, is open at The Railway on Haddington’s Court Street from noon to 7pm until tomorrow (Friday).

She said: “Myself and my family have been made to feel so welcome since we moved to Haddington.

“I absolutely love the town, so steeped in history and full of interesting characters. It also has some of the most impressive mature trees I have seen that I look forward to painting in the near future.

“My man grew up in Wallyford and has always known Haddington and the surrounding countryside well, it has been a treat to be shown around the paths and river walks by him and hearing all his stories.

“I have also been lucky enough to meet many wise elders of the town who have educated me about it’s fascinating history.”

Fee’s work is inspired by ancient history, folklore and mysticism, and the 45-year-old felt that the lands of East Lothian provided an ideal base from which to work.

Fee, who taught art at Leith School of Art, encouraged people to head along to the exhibition and make their own mind up about her work.

She said: “My work is most often described as mysterious, spooky, atmospheric, unusual, weird and dark!

“I certainly don’t make work like anyone else, I am travelling my own path and my research takes me into all sorts of ideas and mysteries, these then filter out into the work itself. ”

There are more than 30 paintings and drawings on display.

For more information on the exhibition, go to feescroggie.com