A new accessible piece of equipment to help people with mobility issues access the swimming pool in North Berwick has been installed by Enjoy Leisure.

Enjoy Leisure, East Lothian’s charitable trust for sports, leisure and active lifestyles, shared its excitement in bringing the Poolpod platform lift to the pool.

The organisation delivers services on behalf of East Lothian Council, operating sports centres, pools and other facilities across the county.

The new equipment – a state-of-the-art pool hoist – will help all members and customers get into the pool with confidence and dignity, making it more accessible to all.

According to Cotenda, the suppliers of the Poolpod, it is estimated that eight per cent of the UK population have restricted mobility.

Now, Enjoy Leisure has one of the only Poolpods installed across the Lothians, Edinburgh and the Borders.

The pod installation was made possible thanks to an investment from North Berwick Trust, a local charity working to help make North Berwick a more sustainable and inclusive place.

Liam Mowat, Enjoy Leisure North Berwick service manager, said: “We’re extremely grateful to North Berwick Trust for their generous support.

“The Poolpod, which was originally developed for the 2012 Olympics, is a fantastic addition to our centre and allows more of our customers and members to benefit from swimming and easy access to the pool.

“Wellness remains at the top of the agenda for us and our objective is to take the lead in getting everyone more active, more often.

“I’m extremely proud that Enjoy Leisure is leading the way with these up-to-date installations.”

Sir David Tweedie from North Berwick Trust added: “Part of the trust’s vision is to make North Berwick more resilient, vibrant, inclusive and equitable.

“It requires us to support and enhance recreational and sporting activities and facilities for our community. The Poolpod met these requirements perfectly. The trust was delighted to finance its acquisition.”

To find out more, visit the centre to speak to a member of the team, or give them a call on 01620 820730.