DROUGHT-RESISTANT plants are being used to ensure a garden in Dunbar town centre continues to thrive.

The Ridge’s Sensory Garden, on Garden Lane, has had a makeover with funding from NatureScot through the Volunteering Scotland Action Earth programme.

Recent hot, dry summers have been affecting the Ridge Community Gardens and volunteers applied to the fund for their “Sunny Dunny” project – a planting scheme of drought-resistant plants to ensure the garden continues to thrive whatever the weather.

The project aims to introduce and propagate more drought-resistant plants to combat the effects of climate change.

Lorraine Ross, head gardener, said: “This drought-resistant scheme will help the fight against climate change and add to our pollinator-friendly corridor in Garden Lane.

“Loads of volunteers from our three groups got involved with the planting during their sessions, from our young adults to the ‘Rusty Knees’ group, and we all enjoyed it!”

The Ridge gardeners are aiming to ‘future-proof’ some of their planting to offset loss of biodiversity and help nurture the birds, insects and small mammals which take refuge in the back-street sanctuary.