PUTTING Dunbar on the Map was the first talk of Dunbar and District History Society’s (DDHS) new season.

Map expert Paula Williams, from the National Library of Scotland, showed and discussed maps featuring Dunbar and East Lothian over the past four centuries.

She told the audience “there is no such thing as an unbiased map”, as maps were often sponsored by landowners, politicians or the military.

Commenting on John Adair’s map of 1692, Ms Williams said: “The surveyor John Adair is alleged to have had his arm broken after being stoned by the residents of Dunbar, who did not like their town being measured!”

Last month’s talk was entitled “Homecoming: The Scottish Years of Mary Queen of Scots”, by journalist and author Rosemary Goring, who grew up in Belhaven and went to school in Dunbar.

An enthralled audience heard about Mary’s travels in Scotland, including her time in Dunbar Castle.

Ms Goring stated: “This was the scene of one of the most dramatic nights in Mary’s life, when she and her closest followers fled from Holyrood Palace after the murder of her secretary and confidant, David Rizzio, in March, 1566.”

The talks take place in Dunbar Town House at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

For more information, visit dun barhistory.org.uk