Efforts to light up trees in Prestonpans during the festive season may be forced to end as they have been “repeatedly” targeted by vandals.

Prestonpans Community Council funds the installation of Christmas lights on seven living trees in the town during the festive period.

However, two of the trees, on Rigley Terrace and Hawthorn Road, have been vandalised, resulting in “incredibly costly repairs”.

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The two trees have since been repaired but the community council confirmed that, if the vandalism continues, it will “inevitably simply have to stop lighting trees”.

Lights on the trees are supposed to last a minimum 10 years, with a potentially much longer shelf life, but the continued vandalism puts their future in doubt.

The group confirmed to the Courier that the repairs they had already made to damaged tree lights totalled more than £750.

DJ Johnston-Smith, chair of Prestonpans Community Council, said: “This year we have continued with our rolling programme of lighting living trees across the town to bring a little welcome illumination to Prestonpans during the darkest months of the year.

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“We had hoped to add lights to two new trees this winter but, due to repeated vandalism of the existing tree lights over the past year, where youngsters have been spotted climbing the trees and deliberately ripping out the lights, it will just be the one new tree being lit again this year.

“These lights are incredibly costly to install and were expected to last a minimum of 10 years and hopefully much longer.

“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the team from ARRO Lighting and Events to make them as secure as possible, the damage to the tree lights in Rigley Terrace and Hawthorn Road this year has been quite extensive, with numerous strands of expensive lights yanked from their branch restraints and destroyed.

“Sadly, we can’t indefinitely continue to pay to repair lights that are being so needlessly vandalised and we will inevitably simply have to stop lighting trees.

“We want all of our young- sters to enjoy the outdoors but please, for the good of the whole town, if you know that your young person has a passion for climbing trees, ask them not to climb those few across the town that are decorated with tree lights.

“Please help us to keep bringing a wee bit of joy to Prestonpans over winter and talk to your youngsters about what these trees mean to so many.”