Have you dreamed of owning a home with an exquisite blend of rural tranquillity and urban sophistication? Allanwater Homes may have designed your perfect habitat.

Building quality homes for over 40 years, this established new build developer has created a selection of luxury homes in Cambusbarron. These enchanting 3-bedroom homes set across three levels promise an unparalleled blend of elegance, functionality and leisure. These properties offer a seamless fusion of country and city living amidst the alluring Scottish landscape.

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The charm of Cambusbarron

Cambusbarron, known for its historical allure and striking natural beauty, boasts convenient access to Stirling's bustling city centre. You can enjoy the serene open landscapes and striking rural panoramas while still being minutes away from the vitality of the thriving city of Stirling. An Allanwater Home in Cambusbarron represents a unique living experience that’s both peaceful and pulsating.

Exquisite Exteriors

The exteriors are the first aspect of these Allanwater Homes that steal your breath away. Beautifully nestled amidst lush greenery, these 3-bedroom homes draw upon the local heritage, with an exterior render of natural stone that harmonises every unit with the surrounding landscape. The natural stone finish not only withstands the test of time but also infuses a timeless rustic charm that's truly captivating.

Clean lines, uncluttered spaces, and thoughtful detailing underline their contemporary character, offering perfect symmetry.

The large windows are a feature that heightens the elegance of these homes. Strategically placed, it provides an unrestricted view of the beautiful Cambusbarron landscape. Furthermore, these serve a practical purpose by inviting daylight into the interiors, thereby creating an interplay of light and shadow that animates the living spaces.

Capturing the charm of Cambusbarron's rustic rural setting and modern design sophistication, these homes celebrate luxurious countryside living.

Luxury interiors

Despite the unassuming charm of their external appearance, these homes carve out a niche for themselves due to their remarkable interiors. Walking into one of these homes is anything but ordinary, designed for comfort, functionality, and a superior standard of living.

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Upon entering, you are welcomed by a spacious open-plan family area, a convivial living space where family memories are to be created. It's a sanctuary where you can recline and relax, catching up on the day's events or simply enjoying some quality downtime.

Seamlessly merging into this family area is the dining space. Crafted to promote engagement and conversation, the dining area fosters a shared dining experience where every meal becomes an occasion, perfect for intimate family dinners or hosting guests.

The pièce de résistance, however, has to be the designer kitchen. This spectacle of design finesse boasts a breakfast bar and is equipped with integrated, high-quality appliances. The kitchen's minimalistic sophistication forms a symphony of style and functionality. Each component, from the storage cabinets to the countertops, echoes the uncompromising quality that Allanwater Homes embodies.

Towards the rear of the ground floor, you'll find a spacious utility area, adding to the home's practical attributes. Equipped with ample storage and workspace, this utility area can easily handle all your laundry and home management needs. Incorporating a W/C that demonstrates how every inch of the home is optimised to ensure comfort.

Next to the stairs, a large storage cupboard emerges as an essential solution to all your storage needs. It's designed to house everything from your hoover to your winter coats, helping maintain your home’s organisation and tidy visuals.

First floor delights

Ascending to the first floor reveals yet another magnificent layer of these properties. The lounge offers ample natural light filtering in from two generous windows, providing the perfect spot to unwind. The lounge offers the ideal ambience, whether it’s a family movie night or a quiet evening with your favourite book.

Adjacent to the lounge is the principal bedroom, a personal sanctuary designed for comfort and tranquillity. Fitted with a built-in double wardrobe, the bedroom offers substantial storage without compromising on available space. This storage solution keeps your belongings organised and your room clutter-free, creating a serene environment conducive to rest and rejuvenation.

The bedroom also features a private en-suite equipped with a shower. Every detail in this private space is meticulously planned and executed to deliver a relaxing experience. The clean lines, quality fixtures, and thoughtful design create a refreshing space where you can prepare for the day ahead or unwind before calling it a night.

What sets the main bedroom apart, though, is the frameless glass Juliette balcony. Extended beyond the confines of the wall, this balcony offers unrestricted views across the picturesque countryside. This architectural feature allows you to connect with nature from the comfort of your home, making the room feel spacious, bright, and alive.

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Level two

Level two houses two additional comfortable bedrooms. Both rooms are designed with built-in wardrobes, providing ample storage space and keeping the rooms clutter-free. This thoughtful approach ensures every space is utilised to its potential, enhancing the comfort and appeal of these rooms.

One of these bedrooms offers the added luxury of an en-suite with a shower, mirroring the convenience and privacy offered by the principal bedroom on the first floor. This feature adds another layer of comfort and functionality, ensuring that every resident has their own personal, private space.

The second level also features a large family bathroom, a space designed with the same attention to detail and quality as the en-suites. Equipped with high-end fixtures, this family bathroom offers an ambience of relaxation.

With four bathrooms, these homes eliminate the inconvenience of queuing up for a bathroom in the morning, ensuring that your day starts without unnecessary stress.

Spread over 1400 sq. ft and three levels, they offer an expansive living space that usually only detached villas provide.

Each room and floor is designed to offer the maximum useable space, making these homes an excellent choice for anyone seeking spacious, luxurious living.

An Investment in Quality

Each of these homes is packed with features designed to enhance your living standard and energy-efficient features that help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy bills.

As you step into an Allanwater Home in Cambusbarron, you aren't merely moving to a new property. You’re embracing a lifestyle that speaks of luxurious simplicity and perfectly balances the thrills of city life with the joys of countryside living. Book your viewing today and experience the allure of these stunning properties first-hand.