POLICE are warning motorists that “enforcement activity” is set to take place in Haddington town centre.

Concerns about “a number of road traffic issues” have been passed to officers by both residents and community groups.

Now police are planning to tackle various problems, including speeding and inconsiderate parking.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Haddington is a great place to live and is growing in popularity, with more people moving out of town and commuting to work or school.

“This obviously brings with it an increase in traffic.”

Among the issues highlighted to police were “near misses” at the junction of Sidegate, Church Street and High Street.

Complaints have been passed to officers about vehicles failing to stop and the spokesperson added: “Please take notice of this junction, as enforcement activity will take place in the future.”

The spokesperson referenced other issues and said: “Speeding has been highlighted on Dunbar Road, particularly the approach to the lights.

“Please drive to the speed limit on all roads around Haddington. They are there for a reason and officers will conduct mobile speed checks.

“Due to traffic volume, parking has become an issue in the area, and I urge residents to park responsibly.

“Please park in designated bays and do not leave cars parked over junctions or corners, making visibility bad for other road users.

“There are areas of Haddington with residents-only parking, and I would ask that this be adhered to.

“Please refrain from parking your vehicles on pavements and grass verges. They obstruct everyone.

“Pavements are for people.”