TWENTY-TWO holiday lodges could be added to facilities available on land at a former golf club.

Whitekirk Hill Golf and Country Club, which was once earmarked for a 100-bed hotel and second course, shut its doors in 2015.

Three years ago, planning permission was given for 41 holiday lodges on the site.

Alongside the lodges is Whitekirk Hill, home to a restaurant, gym, spa and play barn.

Nine lodges were built during the first phase of the development and its success has encouraged developers to look at expanding the lodges on offer.

Fresh plans are being considered by East Lothian Council for another batch of lodges, with plans for the remaining 10 lodges expected to be submitted in the future.

Tony Thomas, who is representing Whitekirk Hill Ltd, highlighted the success of the attraction.

He said: “Despite opening a few months before the Covid pandemic brought things to an unimaginable stop, the lodges have proved to be a successful addition to the area, as well as helping underpin the establishment of Whitekirk Hill as a new tourist and visitor destination.

“The area has long suffered from not having sufficient accommodation for potential visitor stays (both in terms of quantity and variety) and this has now been exacerbated by the emerging rules seeking to control the provision of Airbnb-type accommodation and specifically in and around North Berwick.

“The success and growth of Whitekirk Hill continues to be an integral part of East Lothian’s tourism and economic development strategy and their intention to build phase two of the resort must be applauded.”

Drawings included with the latest application show the lodges split over three sites.

Twelve of the lodges, split equally over two sites, would feature three bedrooms.

The remaining 10 lodges are all single bedrooms.

Mr Thomas described the first phase of the development as having been “successful” in terms of its visual impact.

He added: “The lodges are hardly noticeable from outwith the site.

“You only tend to see them if you know what you are looking for and where to look.”

Mr Thomas said that the growth of Whitekirk Hill would “ensure the long-term viability of the business, supporting local employment and suppliers/services”.

The golf club opened in 1995 and planning permission was given in 2009 to expand the facility, with plans including a 100-bed hotel, new clubhouse, a second course, 21 lodges and 42 homes, but that never got off the ground.

Previously as many as 140 holiday lodges and woodland pods were planned for the area.