WE TAKE a look at the stories making headlines in East Lothian 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

25 years ago...

A BRAVE trio were on the front page of the East Lothian Courier on November 6, 1998.

Local heroes, including three security guards who rescued a semiconscious man from his blazing caravan, ignoring the risk of gas bottles exploding, were presented with Lothian and Borders Police Meritorious Awards and Certificates of Commendation from the Society of Protection of Life From Fire, at a ceremony at E Division Police HQ at Dalkeith on Wednesday.

“Had it not been for their quick thinking and heroic actions, a more serious incident would most certainly have occurred,” said Chief Constable Roy Cameron.

James Connachan, Desmond Woods and Hugh Kennedy, from Port Seton, were on duty in Seton Sands Holiday Village, Port Seton, when they spotted a caravan ablaze and, fearing there might be people inside, smashed a pane of glass in the door, reached in and unlocked it.

“Without thought for their own safety, Mr Woods held the door open while Mr Connachan and Mr Kennedy entered the smoke-filled caravan.”

50 years ago...

AN AGGRESSIVE nude swimmer threatened police, told the East Lothian Courier on November 9, 1973.

One of several men caught swimming in the nude in Port Seton Swimming Pool threatened to push a policeman into the water, it was alleged at Haddington Sheriff Court on Monday.

Before the court, was a 34-year-old unemployed labourer from Prestonpans.

He was fined £10 when he was found guilty of challenging P.C. William French and P.C. R. Jack to fight at the pool and a further £30 when found guilty of damaging the interior of a police van and breaking a pair of handcuffs. P.C. Jack, Prestonpans, said that at about 10.35pm on July 27 he and P.C. French were on patrol and received instructions to go to Port Seton Swimming Pool.

They climbed over the wall and found three others diving in.

All were naked.

P.C. Jack said the man went to a cubicle to get dressed and when asked to hurry he offered to fight.

“He came out of the cubicle in his underpants, took me by the arms and tried to push me into the pool.”

100 years ago...

GULLANE was forced into darkness twice in one night as its gas supply was cut off, reported The Haddingtonshire Courier on November 9, 1923.

Early on Tuesday evening, without warning, the gas was cut off and the village was plunged into darkness.

The shopkeepers and others had to procure candles, or other means of lighting, to carry on their business.

Later in the evening the supply again failed, but for a shorter time.