THERE’S a warning, repeated in various ways, acutely relevant today: “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

From 9/11 and the illegal invasion of Iraq to the chaotic withdrawal from Kabul, there’s evidence that responding to terror with superior military power – but with neither an exit plan nor a political strategy for peace – doesn’t end well.

Stopping the Israel/Hamas war is critical, yet the UK abstained in a UN vote. The Westminster Government, and Keir Starmer’s Labour, are failing to stop the collective punishment of civilians.

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Gaza’s unfolding disaster reveals incalculable human suffering of those wanting self-determination to lead normal lives safely.

The barbarous Hamas attacks prompted Israel to exercise its right to self-defence, described by Israeli officials as “payback”.

From children to doctors, Gazan civilians face starvation, dehydration, no access to medicines, and being bombed, having refused to flee their homes or abandon the sick in hospitals.

First Minister Humza Yousaf has asked UK political leaders to back his call for Hamas to release hostages and stop rocket attacks on Israel; for Israel to observe international and humanitarian law; and for an immediate ceasefire.

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East Lothian residents can also make their voice heard via multiple petitions initiated by charities and aid agencies.

According to the Migration Observatory, 71 per cent of UK migrant arrivals (2018-2023) were from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria (plus Albanians).

Scotland and the UK are not immune to distant wars; being complicit in bombing civilians and creating tens of thousands more refugees must not be in Scotland’s name.

We need a ceasefire and we need it now.