TRANENT Gala is expanding to allow children who do not live in Tranent but attend a primary school in the town to take part in the gala court.

The gala committee said the decision was made to ensure that children living in areas outside Tranent did not miss out on the opportunity to be involved.

Derek Ross, gala chairman, said: “In line with other East Lothian galas, the committee have made a joint decision to open the kids’ registration to all kids that are attending any of the three Tranent primary schools.

“If your child is selected and you live in a boundary area, we ask you register at a Tranent address, such as a grandparent’s or close relative’s, etc.

“With Tranent growing so big, we appreciate that some people have moved due to housing matters and see this as unfair to kids who don’t qualify for other galas to participate in.”

Registration for the gala remains open until Saturday.

Anyone interested in doing so should contact the gala committee by emailing