THE stormy conditions that have battered the East Lothian coastline in recent days have also unearthed a blast from the past.

Staff from the Scottish Seabird Centre were conducting beach cleans after the extreme conditions left debris on county beaches when they discovered a crisp packet from the 1960s.

The Golden Wonder ready salted packet was uncovered after sand dunes were eroded by the strong waves that hit the coastline.

East Lothian Courier: The golden wonder packet discovered by the Seabird Centre team - Image: Dora Roden/ Scottish Seabird Centre

Treacherous conditions hit North Berwick over the weekend, bringing four-metre-high waves that left a large hole in the town's 200-year-old harbour wall.

Elsewhere in the county, coastal areas suffered from severe coastal erosion with walkways, paths and other infrastructure along the beachfront damaged by the weather.

The packet in question was priced at four pence, and contained a chance to visit Mexico for the 1968 Olympics. However, we believe the offer may have expired...

A Seabird Centre spokesperson said: "It's been strange and sad to see how much the beach has changed over the past weeks with the continued extreme weather.

"Unfortunately, this has also meant that significant amounts of debris have been washed onto the shore – and some older litter has been uncovered by the waves.

"We even found a crisp packet from 1968!

"We've been out and about doing some beach cleans ourselves but you can get involved too and help out! Feel free to pop in and borrow some of our beach cleaning equipment (between 10 and 4 every day, and when it is safe to do so!) or come along to our family-friendly beach clean this Friday."