Damage sustained up and down the East Lothian coastline from stormy conditions over the weekend has been highlighted by Countryside Rangers.

The team stressed that the conditions had resulted in significant amounts of erosion on county beaches.

Dune fronts were left high or unstable while adjacent infrastructure was also damaged by the weather.

This included damaged steps and walkways along with exposed and damaged pipework.

Rangers encouraged the public to remain cautious when visiting beaches in the coming days.

A spokesperson said: "Several beaches in East Lothian have suffered huge amounts of erosion, leaving high and unstable dune fronts.

"These include Belhaven Bay, Ravensheugh, Broadsands, Prestonpans, Morrison's Haven and Aberlady. Please take care when visiting these beaches.

"There are also many damaged pieces of infrastructure, missing steps etc, as well as exposed or damaged pipework on beaches.

"We are working through a long list, but will undertake repairs as soon as we can."