FEARS have been raised that the damage at North Berwick Harbour could worsen without "quick action", after more of the debris on the wall and walkway was washed away by the tide.

A huge hole in the harbour wall emerged yesterday, after stormy conditions over the weekend and into Monday morning caused a breach in the 200-year-old structure.

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The stormy conditions created four-metre waves that battered the shoreline in the town, causing damage to the harbour and both the East and West Bays.

The resultant waters brought debris into the town centre, damaged coastal walkways and access stairways, and forcibly moved static objects such as the harbour's beach huts.

Calls are now being made for a quick response to repair the structure before the condition of the historic harbour wall deteriorates further.

North Berwick Harbour Trust (NBHT), which leases the area from East Lothian Council, met yesterday with the local authority's engineers to discuss the challenges they face to restore the structure.

A spokesperson said: "Yesterday, NBHT met with East Lothian Council and their engineers. The meeting was very helpful and East Lothian Council share our concerns that, without quick action, the damage will worsen."

NBHT also confirmed that "the tide is now sweeping the wall and walkway away".

The spokesperson added: "East Lothian Council are asking contractors to get urgent plans in place for quick clean-up and repair.

"The wall repairs are a priority and, together with East Lothian Council, we are hopeful we can raise funds for this repair quickly.

"Remaining repairs and strengthening work will be more challenging and this is where we will need much more community funding and support.

"A crowdfunder is being worked on so you can donate directly to the repair of the harbour and, if you are able to donate your time, Harbour Helpers meet every Friday on the esplanade at 9.30am."

Yesterday, volunteers helped bring all the kayaks which had been washed up against the old changing rooms to higher ground in case of more bad weather.

East Lothian Council has been approached for an update.