A COUNTY man carried out an abusive course of behaviour against his partner over a period of more than three years.

Marc McCormack admitted abusing the woman during their relationship by stealing money from her and repeatedly monitoring and searching her phone and text messages.

He was also said to have acted aggressively towards her on two separate occasions.

On one occasion, the 36-year-old grabbed hold of his partner and shook her by the shoulders. He then struck and damaged a wall at the property at McLachlan Gardens in Prestonpans.

He also admitted to a second incident where he acted in an aggressive manner and forced open a door at the home. He then seized the woman by the arm and shook her.

All the incidents took place at the Prestonpans property between October 1, 2019, and April 30 this year.

McCormack, of Queen’s Drive, Pencaitland, appeared at court last Wednesday, where he pleaded guilty to a heavily amended complaint. Sheriff Iain Nicol said he would consider imposing a non-harassment order and deferred sentence to November 15.