CROOKSTON Care Home in Tranent has received a glowing report after a visit from inspectors.

The inspection report from the Scottish Care Inspectorate, dated July 2023, details a host of positive aspects that highlight the quality of care provided by the Crookston Care Home team.

One of the standout features observed during the inspection was the heart-warming and compassionate interactions between staff and the individuals they care for. Staff members demonstrated a deep familiarity with the residents and a genuine fondness for those they serve.

The feedback from residents confirmed this, with remarks such as "they are all lovely" and "I can't fault the staff". Professionals visiting the service also shared their observations, noting "compassionate, respectful, and dignified support".

The report makes reference to the wide range of activities tailored to the interests of Crookston residents, noting that these activities are not just about entertainment but also contribute to the overall wellbeing of the residents.

Positive remarks were also made about catering provision, specifically that residents enjoy a varied menu that caters to their preferences, enhancing their dining experience.

The Care Inspectorate commended Crookston Care Home, stating: "We observed compassionate, respectful, and dignified support.

“Staff clearly knew people well and were fond of the people they cared for. This was reflected in the feedback we gained from people experiencing care about staff.”

Fiona Wilson, chief officer at East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership (ELHSCP), said: “The overwhelmingly positive feedback from individuals receiving care and professionals visiting the service underscores the partnership's dedication to providing exceptional standards of care.

“On behalf of ELHSCP, I would like to recognise and acknowledge the daily dedication of Crookston staff and how their contribution evidently greatly improves the lives of those that they serve.”

Pauline Skead, manager of Crookston Care Home, said: “Being a carer is such a hugely rewarding role. We thoroughly enjoy engaging with our residents on a daily basis, and doing all that we can to help support their independence and wellbeing.

“I am profoundly proud of the team for all that they do and was delighted to share the high praise and lovely feedback from the Scottish Care Inspectorate.”

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