AN EAST Linton mum is hoping to breathe new life into East Linton Gala – and is seeking a new team of committee members for next year’s event.

This year’s gala was cancelled after a shortage of committee members meant that planning the event was not possible.

But Cat McMeeken, who moved to East Linton from Edinburgh in February last year, is now seeking volunteers to help organise the 2024 gala.

She said: “I know they wanted to put the gala on last year but there just wasn’t enough volunteers to make it happen.

“I do think there were a lot of people, like myself, who would have volunteered but they just didn’t know about it.

“We’ve had a lot of interest so far and we’re really wanting to drive the focus on people helping just when they can.

“We don’t need everyone to be an active committee member, but even helping out for an hour or two at fundraising events will help.”

Mrs McMeeken (pictured) said that much of her motivation to get the gala running again was for her six-year-old son, who attends East Linton Primary School.

East Lothian Courier: Cat McMeeken hopes to bring new life to East Linton Gala

She said: “My son is really looking forward to the gala, although I don’t think he actually knows what it is yet, but I wanted to get it running for him.

“I know a lot of people especially in some of the new houses want to get involved and be part of the community.

“We, like a lot of people, moved from Edinburgh to East Lothian after Covid.

“We realised just spending the odd weekend here wasn’t enough.

“We really like the community here in East Linton and we want to get that community, the schools and local businesses involved this year.

“We also want to highlight galas of the past, paying tribute to them and remembering the history of East Linton Gala.

“I’m looking forward to getting involved and hopefully we can make it a great gala week.”

A meeting will be held on November 7 at The Crown & Kitchen in the village, with those interested in volunteering welcome to go along and help plan.

Fundraisers are expected to take place throughout the year to help raise the money needed for the gala, and volunteers are being sought to help with this too.

Anyone interested in volunteering should email the gala committee at