An East Lothian church is featured in a BBC TV history documentary which is now available to view on on BBC iPlayer.

Tranent Parish Church features in the third episode of Union with David Olusoga which explores the events, people and forces that brought Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales together as the United Kingdom

Film crew from the BBC visited the church in August 2022 where they filmed scenes within the church grounds for the show.

The programnme, which broadcast its first episode on BBC Two last night (October 2), has receives string reviews from critics.

Mr Olusoga, a British historian and writer, visits the church where his ancestor David Ewart, a soldier who fought at the battle of Waterloo, was buried in an unmarked grave in 1851 after his family were unable to afford a proper funeral.

The historian visits the cemetery at the church where he speaks about the struggles soldiers faced economically when discharged following the battle.

A spokesperson for Tranent Parish Church said: “One of the joys of having a building such as ours is that it and the site we sit on has seen a long and varied history. Last August a film crew recorded some scenes in the upcoming History of the Union documentary series in our church’s grounds.

“We are in the third part to be broadcast [on BBC Two] on October 16 [at 9pm].”

You can stream the third episode of the show on BBC iPlayer here: