The former Golf Hotel has been described as an “eyesore”.

On the corner of Dirleton Avenue and Hamilton Road, the property was most recently used as staff accommodation for the Marine Hotel until being sold in 2021.

It was purchased by pub giant Caledonian Heritable, leading to speculation that it might reopen as a hospitality business.

However, no obvious work has taken place at the site, or on the building, since the purchase.

At North Berwick Community Council’s (NBCC) September meeting, the former hotel was discussed.

After the meeting, NBCC chair Kenny Miller said: “It seems ironic that in a town that depends on tourism for the local economy that the two most notable eyesores in the town are former hotels, the Golf and the County [Hotel on High Street].

“It is difficult to understand what is happening with the Golf, as it has been abandoned for so long.

“Assuming a developer has bought it, it would be great if they would get on with whatever they plan to do, improving this blot on the main access to the town.

“There are signs of something maybe going to happen with the County, with all the recent planning applications, but presumably nothing will happen until there is a new tenant.”

The County has been subject to a recent planning application led by owners Star Pubs & Bars to upgrade the site for a new tenant, however it remains vacant. 

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Caledonian Heritable has not responded to Courier requests for a comment regarding the former Golf Hotel.