ONE of Scotland’s most famous actors has surprised a community stalwart on TV, telling him: “There is something very special about you”.

BBC’s The One Show paid tribute to a North Berwick resident for his dedicated work in the community.

Eddie McFadzean, 70, featured on the programme’s ‘One Big Thank You’ segment, which recognises people doing great things in their towns and villages, last Thursday.

Eddie is a well-kent face in North Berwick, taking part in numerous fundraisers, volunteering at respite centre Leuchie House, as well as being pipe major in North Berwick Pipe Band.

He moved to the town, where he lives with his wife Sheila, from Coventry in 2015.

Show bosses decided to get Scottish actor Robert Carlyle, famous for roles in hit movies such as Trainspotting and The Full Monty, to surprise Eddie, who thought he was being filmed for a tourism video.

Mr Carlyle said on the show: “Eddie doesn’t realise that today is all about him: he thinks he’s just here to take part in a video. It might come as bit of a shock!”

Eddie arrived on location in Milton of Campsie after being told that the organisers needed some bagpipe music to accompany the “video”.

The cameras rolled and Mr Carlyle spoke in general about Scotland before talking more specifically about the wonderful things Eddie did in the community.

He then told Eddie he was there with The One Show to give him “one big thank you”.

Mr Carlyle added: “There’s something very special about you – thank you so much.”

Eddie was visibly emotional at the actor’s kind words, before he was taken to a TV monitor where The One Show host Alex Jones, Leuchie House CEO Mark Bevan, and some of the respite centre’s guests sang his praises.

Clive Myrie, the host of TV’s Mastermind, Eddie’s favourite show, then added some touching words of his own and told him to “keep up the good work”.

Eddie was nominated by Liz Martin, a personal friend who met him through his work at Leuchie House. She was delighted to see Eddie recognised and was on scene, alongside his wife, to witness the tearful moment.

The Courier spoke to Eddie after his TV appearance.

He said: “It was fantastic, very emotional at the end, but fantastic to be able to do something like that.

“It was a complete surprise for me. I knew nothing about it, even going there.

“And at the end to mention Leuchie House, and the foodbank, how good is that? It will raise the profile of them.

“I kept telling the people that the wind was getting in my eyes but I did get a wee bit emotional about it all. I’m retired and I just look for things to do in my time. I can give this time to help people.”

Eddie was also grateful for the response from locals after his TV appearance. He said: “My phone never stopped with messages saying thank you.

“It just went mad, really. There’s a lot more people more deserving than me, but I thank people for recognising what I did.”

Speaking after the show, Leuchie CEO Mr Bevan said: “Whether behind the bagpipes, behind the sink or [being responsible] for a great experience a guest at Leuchie is having, Eddie is the best of people.

“It’s great that for once Eddie is out front and being recognised for all that he has done for so many people and our community.”

Kenny Miller, chair of North Berwick Community Council, said: “It is great that a local volunteer is recognised for the value of what they do, and I would like to extend my congratulations and that of the community council, and thank him for all he does.”