A new mural created by a Ukrainian refugee who found safety in East Lothian has been installed in North Berwick town centre.

Following the outbreak of the war with Russia, Tetiana Hurn moved to North Berwick with her son Nikolai and then to Musselburgh.

As a thanks to the East Lothian people who made her welcome, she decided to create a mural inspired by North Berwick, the traveller's spirit, and Robert Louis Stevenson.

East Lothian Courier: Tetiana (centre) with the volunteer that helped her install the mural

The mural, which was competed yesterday, links Ukraine to North Berwick and depicts iconic sites in the town such as St Andrew’s Kirk Ports and bird life.

It features a quote from Stevenson, who enjoyed childhood holidays in North Berwick, that speaks to the travellers of the world.

The mural, has been placed on the ‘Lighthouse Corner’ of Quality Street and High Street.

Tetiana shared her delight with the Courier at seeing her hard work come to fruition.

She said: "I am so pleased to share with you this significant moment of my artistic career – a milestone achievement in my beloved Scotland.

"A first-of-a-kind public mural, connecting Ukraine and Scotland is finally on the wall in North Berwick.

"It took me one-and-a-half years of getting organised, learning, adapting, adjusting so much to a new social environment, meeting wonderful people, who I am privileged to become friends with, engaging with so many different communities, charities and clubs

"My dream wouldn't become a reality without a great involvement of people supporting the project!

"Thank you for funding from North Berwick Trust, who trusted my artistic vision to enhance the beauty of the Lighthouse Corner for the benefit of all."

The mural was installed yesterday morning, with volunteers lending their hand to put it in place.

They were led by North Berwick Community Council (NBCC) chair Kenny Miller with help from Billy, Martin and Gary from the Harbour Helpers; James and Alex from North Berwick in Bloom; and Mack who helped create the mural's mounted wooden supports.

She gave her thanks to all the individual and groups that helped her deliver the project including North Berwick in Bloom, Harbour Helpers, North Berwick Environment and Heritage Trust, NBCC, Rotary Club of North Berwick, Rotary Club of Edinburgh and AUGB Edinburgh.

Tetiana also highlighted the vital support she received from Rex Homer in supporting the project from the outset.

Kenny Miller, chair of NBCC, added: "I am delighted that this long-awaited mural has finally been installed, and that Tetiana has the recognition that she deserves.

"It is a wonderful piece of art, bringing together North Berwick and Ukraine. I am very grateful to Tetiana for creating it."