A RISE in the number of fuel thefts in the North Berwick area was highlighted by Police Scotland as they encouraged farmers to remain vigilant.

The incidents were revealed in North Berwick Coastal’s monthly police report, presented to the town’s community council meeting earlier this month.

Between July 26 and August 29 there were 145 general police calls from the area, which resulted in police recording 47 crimes.

PC Natalie Dalziel, community officer for North Berwick Coastal, said progress was being made in tackling anti-social behaviour in the Lodge Grounds.

She said: “One of the CAPP [Community and Police Partnership] priorities for the area agreed at the last meeting was youth anti-social behaviour within the Lodge Grounds in North Berwick; Fringe by the Sea took place for the majority of the month within the grounds and I am pleased to report that the event, on the whole, was a success, with only a small number of arrests over the fortnight.

“We had a problem with a particular group of youths over the fortnight; however, all have been identified and spoken to regarding their anti-social behaviour.”

In line with National Rural Crime Action Week, PC Dalziel stressed that farmers and those with agricultural vehicles should remain vigilant given recent fuel thefts.

She said: “We have had a number of reports of fuel thefts over the last month in North Berwick and the wider East Lothian area. A number of suspects have been identified and charged; however, we ask that farmers and owners of agricultural vehicles remain vigilant.”

During the course of the month, the following crimes were recorded in North Berwick Coastal: three incidents involving assault of a police officer, seven other assaults and an assault and abuse of a retail worker; two instances of vandalism, three incidents involving anti-social behaviour, and two involving threatening and abusive behaviour also noted; two instances of resisting arrest and two breaches of the peace; two instances of wasting police time; a number of crimes of dishonesty, including eight shoplifting offences, four other thefts, one theft by housebreaking, one instance of fraud, and two instances of attempted housebreaking with intent; on the roads, four incidents when a motorist failed to stop, two failing to report and one incident involving dangerous driving.

Youth anti-social behaviour at St Adrian’s Church, Gullane, will also be monitored.