A county mansion is hosting "haunted house tours" which explore its macabre history.

Newhailes House, a Palladian mansion house in Musselburgh, was home to the "wealthy, influential and often infamous" Dalrymple family for about 300 years.

Visitors can witness the stately home through the lens of the "ominous and macabre" 17th century on guided tours that explore the history of the Dalrymple family, full of tales of death, tragedy and misfortune.

The house is believed to be cursed, and is said to offer visitors a truly haunting experience on a series of guided tours between September and December.

Regular reports of "ghostly apparitions" as well as the eery feeling of being watched or touched make it a "can't miss" for the horrorphiles.

A spokesperson for the event said: "Allow us to take you back through hundreds of years of incredible history as you’re guided through this atmospheric and nostalgic yet ominous and macabre 17th century mansion house.

"We’ll divulge dark tales of the death, murder, scandal and heart ache that plagued the Dalrymple family for centuries, with many tragedies happening right within these very walls.

"Such was the extent of the misfortune that the house was and is still to this day regarded as cursed."

"With all these echoes from the past, is it any wonder that Newhailes is said to be paranormally active and haunted?

"With frequent accounts of ghostly apparitions, the feeling of being watched or touched, poltergeist activity and strange unexplainable occurrences, chances are you’ll experience something for yourself, a former inhabitant maybe, who has never truly left…."

Organisers stressed that the tours do not contain any surprises or scare tactics such as jump scares.

They also recommended that the tour was not suitable for those aged under 16 years old.

Tickets are £20.

Each tour is 90 minutes long with two tours per day, one at 7pm and one at 9pm.

Tickets remain available at tinyurl.com/yckx3tr3 for the events on October 14, 21, November 10, 24, December 8 and 15.