From the world’s largest haggis to the most albums released digitally, you may not know that some of the strangest world records are held by East Lothian individuals or groups.

The new Guinness World Records book has been released and features a host of new record-breakers from across the world.

There are some impressive records, from the world's tallest steer to the longest hair on a teenager.

But there have been a few world records broken in East Lothian over the years too.

Here are three amazing records which were broken in the county.


Largest Haggis

The world’s largest haggis weighed 1,010 kg and was made by Hall's of Scotland at Fenton Barns, on June 18, 2014. The haggis measured 2.8 metres in length, 0.93 metres in width and 0.65 metres in height!


Most studio albums released digitally

Dunbar man Jon Binnie also broke the record for most studio albums released digitally. The musician, who writes a new song every day and posts on his YouTube channel Jonbinnie, broke the record in November 2022 having released 110 digital albums.

The musician has released over 2,000 songs so far.


Largest display of felted stones

The largest display of felted stones was achieved in Musselburgh in 2016. A total of 1,150 stones was achieved by Musselburgh Riding of the Marches on May 29, 2016.