WINDOWS at a village church have been smashed and a police investigation launched.

The incident at St Adrian's, on Gullane’s Sandy Loan, is thought to have taken place late on Saturday night.

The Rev Simon Metzner told the Courier there had been reports of youths drinking and smashed bottles in the area.

He was unsure of the cost of the damage at the Scottish Episcopalian church but stressed police were looking into the issue.

Mr Metzner added: “We thought it would be helpful for people to know that we have been experiencing some problems with vandalism because of people meeting together in the church porch in the late evenings.

"Windows have been smashed and there is evidence of alcohol misuse and personal injury.

"While we have been happy in the past for young people to sit and chat in the porch provided they aren't causing any problems, it's not a good idea to congregate there in the late evenings at present and we are concerned most of all that someone may be injured.

"We just wanted to make more Gullane residents aware of the situation.

"If any passers-by or near neighbours see any evidence of a crime happening we would suggest that you ring the police rather than directly confronting people."

A spokesperson for Police Scotland confirmed they were looking into the issue.

They said: “Around 11.15pm on Saturday, we received a report of damage at a church on Sandy Loan, Gullane.

“Enquiries are ongoing.”