Anti-social behaviour in North Berwick’s Lodge Grounds has “thankfully” died down, say police.

In a statement submitted to North Berwick Community Council’s August meeting on Tuesday, PC Natalie Dalziel said: “One of the CAPP priorities for the area agreed at the last meeting was youth anti-social behaviour within the Lodge Grounds in North Berwick.

“Thankfully since the small fire was set earlier in the month [of July], there have been no further reported calls to the area; however, police and community warden patrols will continue.”

She added: “Local officers are continuing to work closely with North Berwick Harbour Trust regarding anti-social behaviour and other ongoing issues.”

Between June 28 and July 25, police received 111 calls relating to the North Berwick area, resulting in 23 crimes being recorded.

There were two instances of vandalism and one of wilful fire-raising.

While there were also seven incidents involving threatening and abusive behaviour and three assaults.

Officers also recorded nine crimes of dishonesty, including one instance of shoplifting, five other thefts and one theft from a vehicle. Additionally, there were two instances of fraud reported.

Regarding road safety, there was one incident where a driver failed to provide identification.