INSPECTORS who carried out two unannounced visits to a previously troubled nursery have declared it is making “considerable progress”.

Pear Tree Nursery, on Haddington’s West Road, came under fire last year and was ordered to carry out changes after receiving the lowest grade possible for its care – unsatisfactory – following a visit by inspectors in October 2022.

But at the end of June and beginning of July, two inspectors visited and noted: “The setting had made considerable progress since the last inspection, leading to improved outcomes for children.”

The inspection is broken down into four categories: How good is our care, play and learning? How good is our setting? How good is our leadership? How good is our staff ? – with all on this occasion rated four (good).

During the visits, the inspectors spoke with children, staff and the manager, as well as receiving written feedback from 11 families.

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A 10-page report has now been published outlining their findings.

Under the first heading, inspectors noted: “All children had a personal plan in place, which took account of the wellbeing indicators and were completed and updated with parents.

“Staff confidently spoke about individual children’s likes, dislikes and stage of development.”

One of the issues previously highlighted was inspectors having to step in to ensure children were fed, after a new meal proved unpopular with youngsters and they were left hungry.

Positively, the report noted children had “a choice of healthy, nutritional food options”.

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It continued: “For those who did not eat the main meal option, alternatives were offered.

“This was confirmed by a child who told us they had a cheese sandwich as they didn’t like the pie.

“This showed that staff catered to and met children’s needs and preferences.”

Inspectors also highlighted “significant improvements” to the overall environment.

The report reads: “Staff and management demonstrated a commitment to providing a quality outdoor environment with various play opportunities.

“Children were observed engaging in activities such as riding bikes, imaginary play in the outdoor kitchen, stories in the cosy area, climbing and balancing on play structures and loose parts materials.

“As a result, most of the older children chose to play outdoors.”

Finally, inspectors noted that, since February this year, the setting had “undergone positive changes to the senior management structure”.

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It reads: “The manager was now positively supported to lead the team to improve care, play and learning experiences and children’s overall wellbeing.

“This resulted in increased morale, better communication, and a team determination to make improvements.

“The strong ethos towards continued improvement enhanced the delivery of high-quality practice, leading to improved outcomes for all.”

Heather Reid, nursery manager, was pleased with the report.

She said: “Everyone is very proud of the recent inspection. It highlights the team’s hard work and dedication they put in daily.

“We also want to thank all our families for the support they have given us – it is greatly appreciated.”