THE anniversaries of past Honest Lads and Honest Lasses will be recognised at the Musselburgh Festival presentation evening.

Jeanette Munro (née Aitchison), Honest Lass in 1963, will celebrate her diamond jubilee.

David Millar, Honest Lad in 1973, will be present at the event to mark his golden jubilee.

Leigh Cleeton (née Williams), Honest Lass in 1998, will celebrate her silver jubilee.

Presentations will also be made to the 2023 Honest Lad Aidan McLaren and Honest Lass Ellen Brown.

The event will be held at Loretto Refectory on Wednesday.

Jeanette, whose Honest Lad was the late George Bonthron, recalled: “We had an excellent festival week, with large crowds and good weather.”

She rode in Musselburgh’s Riding of the Marches in 1956, 1974, 1995 and 2016.

She said she had “loved every minute of it”, adding: “The last 60 years have passed so quickly. I was honoured to be Honest Lass in 1963.”

David said: “The memories of our own festival week, in particular carrying the flag on the ride out, was one of the highlights of my year.”

He served with Honest Lass Sylvia Shields.

Meanwhile, Leigh added of her time as Honest Lass: “Every event was special for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of each one.”

The Honest Lad that year was Steven Bestford.