A planning application has been lodged with East Lothian Council to bring a unique mural designed by a Ukrainian refugee to the centre of North Berwick.

The plans have been in the works for more than a year, as artist Tetiana Hurn attempted to gain community support and funding for her art.

Tetiana fled to East Lothian a year ago with her eight-year-old son Nikolai, initially to North Berwick before moving to Musselburgh.

The artist created the design as a thank you to the Scottish people for the warm welcome she received, as well as the instant connection she felt with East Lothian.

The mural will depict two “opposing forces” of movement and rest, and is designed to speak to travellers of the world.

East Lothian Courier: The proposed mural

Marking north and south in the design are two lighthouses: one is the Stevenson lighthouse on the Bass Rock, and the other sits at the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, where Tetiana used to live.

The image also contains two churches, which she says “connect my country of origin and my new Scottish home”.

These are St Andrew’s Church in Kyiv, to represent east, and North Berwick’s Old St Andrew’s Kirk, as a historical representation of west.

Tetiana’s design also contains the image of a gannet, under a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson that speaks to the experience of travellers and refugees.

The mural would be situated at the seating area on the corner of High Street and Quality Street.

Funding of £4,000 for the proposal has been provided by North Berwick Trust.

The mural height is 1.22m and the width is 4.88m, and the base of the mural will be 1.55m above pavement level.

The structure will consist of two marine grade plywood panels joined together and mounted on battens.

Additionally, the owner of the building where the artwork would be mounted has given his permission for the mural.

A decision on the plans is expected next month.