AN HISTORIC display of old gala photos which celebrated the history of Tranent Gala has proven a great success at Tranent Parish Church.

The display was put on throughout gala week and featured a collection of old photos and artefacts from previous gala years laid out for visitors to enjoy.

Photos dated back to the very first Tranent Gala in 1934 and continued through to recent years.

Derek Ross, chairman of Tranent Gala, said: “It was a fantastic display which really captured the history of the gala and of Tranent.

“It was really good to see how much history the gala has from the past years. From old Courier articles to photos, it was great.

“It was well attended throughout the week and the church have done a fantastic job in putting the display on."


John Greig, from Tranent Parish Church, said: “Our civic week photo exhibition was well received.

“There was a steady turnout which increased through the week as word spread on social media.

“We understand quite a few people took pictures of photos which had a personal interest to them and posted them. The vast majority of those that came to look saw either themselves or a family member in a least one photo.

“The idea grew out of our ‘Open House’, where anyone can meet in our hall for tea and a chat on Tuesday mornings.

“It became an unofficial reminiscence group as regulars began bringing photos of old times in Tranent.

“This year we were delighted to put on display treasures people have kept and kindly lent us for a few days. The vast majority belonged to local amateur historian Alec Hood, who has an unrivalled collection.

“The church, as part of the community, was keen to contribute to our town’s festivities and are glad it was well received.”