Artists in Musselburgh are set to launch their latest exhibition after enjoying a masterclass from Dunbar artist Jenny Lupton.

Members of Musselburgh Art Club were treated to two workshops with Jenny at their premises on Bridge Street.

In the most recent session, she covered ‘Views of Musselburgh’ to help them with their forthcoming exhibition at the Hollies Community Hub, which gets under way on Tuesday.

Club spokesperson Pam Strachan said: “We all took in pictures of the views we wanted to paint.

“Jenny gave us individual tuition throughout the day.

“I am painting a picture of the Roman Bridge and the foreground has quite a complex flower bed.

“She showed me how to mix my own greens, a notoriously difficult colour, to give greater variety and depth to the picture.”

Visitors to the art exhibition will get the chance to view about 40 works of art.

The display will be in the Hollies cafe on High Street for three months.

Jenny specialises in bespoke horse portraits, animal art and various stylised horse art pieces, including bespoke handmade mirrors.

Her work hangs globally and has always been commission based, so she rarely exhibits, except at an annual stand at Blair Castle Horse Trials.

Over the years, she has donated portraits which have raised thousands of pounds for charities.

Her proudest effort was a portrait of the Hong Kong Derby winners from 1987 to 1994, which raised $350,000 Hong Kong Dollars.

She lived in France for a while, becoming involved in the welfare of unwanted and neglected horses, and those travelling huge distances to slaughter.

She said: “I’m now back home in Scotland, in the beautiful East Lothian area, and I wonder why I never thought to live here before.

“I’m inspired by the big skies, the big seas and the colours – hence my venture into a totally new genre for me, painting and drawing seas and skies.”

She added: “Working in oils, acrylics, textures, pan pastels, inks and pencils, using collage, masking, scraping and generally mixing and experimenting with everything is a joy.

“Using surfaces like touch paper, board, canvas and fabric allows me the freedom of splashing down colour, creating a vibrancy and immediacy of marks and textures that paper doesn’t.

“I thoroughly enjoy my workshops at Musselburgh Art Club.

“They’re very welcoming and in a fabulous space for creating and discussion.

“The layout allows everyone to hear what’s going on, which suits my style of teaching.

“I’m not a believer in a rigid structure, so I like people to work on pieces where they choose the subject matter and the medium.

“That way, I can help them fine tune their techniques but also suggest alternatives or new media that might inspire the way they work.

“The last workshop was working with pieces towards an exhibition at the Hollies, so I wish everyone lots of success with that.”