A creative Longniddry resident is sharing some of her recycled art designs including, 'Leeky Boots', a 'Beach Tree', a 'Key Ring' and more at an exhibition in her home for charity.

Ann Fraser, 81, has been using her imagination to create a backlog of recycled art pieces which she has put on display at her home on John Knox Road.

The exhibition is being displayed help raise funds for charity and bring a smile to the face of visitors.

The display features some creative recycled creations including ‘Leeky Boots’ featuring leeks inside a pair of boots, a ‘Beach Tree’ with various seaside items attached, a creative owl sculpture and some incredible clothing designs.

Ann told the Courier: "The main objective of the display is just to bring a smile to the faces of people who come along.

"I have had a few families with little children come and enjoy it and also an older gentleman who said he had been feeling quite lonely. He said the display brought a smile to his face.

"If I can make people happy and also raise some money for charity then that is fantastic."

Ann, who previously worked as an occupational therapist, graduated from Herriot Watt University at the age of 65, studying in design and manufacturing.

Ann said many of her most fun ideas came to her late at night.

She said: "Sometimes in the early hours of the morning you get a good idea and it can be silly or creative and then the next day I try and make it happen.

"Every display is made from recycled things. I haven't spent money on them other than some glue and a few things to join them together. But the materials are all recycled.

"I think creativity is so important. Much of this work has been done over a lifetime and it's not about sticking to rules when it comes to art."

Ann also said that she hoped her work would inspire the older generation to not give up on their artistic side.

She said: "I think for older people it is important to remember not to give up on things if they don't work so well. Things like dropping a needle as we get older. Don't give up, just keep trying and do what you love. It may not always work out, but just remember to enjoy it."

Donations are also being accepted for Music in Hospitals and Care which helps deliver live music to hospitals and care homes across the UK.

Ann said: "I think carers are so important in society. The charity is a win win because it offers music to the patients which helps them in a way that no pill ever can. And for the carers it is a chance to enjoy some music too with their patient and bring them some joy."

While the art itself is not for sale, some old goods will be on sale to raise money for the charity. Ann will also be on hand to offer advice on how to make your own creative art.

The exhibition is free to attend and is running from today (Friday) until June 10.

Provost John McMillan, a friend of Ann's, said: "Ann's work really is fantastic. Some of her creations are incredible and I am glad she is sharing it with the world.

"I am sure the art will help bring a smile to peoples faces and raise money for a good cause too."