A North Berwick jewellery expert is hosting an event to showcase the art of gemstones.

‘All The Colours’ will be hosted by Clare Blatherwick, a jewellery expert with more than 25 years’ experience handling some of the world’s most exquisite pieces.

Taking place at Marine North Berwick, Clare’s event will focus on coloured gems, diving into some of the misconceptions while looking at some stunning examples such as blue diamonds.

Clare told the Courier that she hoped the event would offer something special for people who wanted a look at incredible gems with a view to creating a unique piece of jewellery, or bringing along pieces they would like to take advice on remodelling or restoring.

Jacqui Mathieson, Clare’s in-house jewellery designer, will also be on hand to help design bespoke pieces using clients’ chosen gemstones or help with remodelling projects of pieces they already own and are no longer wearing.

Clare said: “I get described as an expert but it feels really arrogant to say that as you are always learning. Working with jewellery is a combination of the artistic and scientific – a real combination of all sorts of skills.”

East Lothian Courier:

Clare explained how important the history of the piece was in her work.

She said: “It feels like you’re holding history.

“Those moments when a lost jewel is discovered – it’s really exciting.

“Even if something is not valuable, it’s the history and sentiment behind it that matters most.”

Clare explained how Scotland was a hotbed of incredible jewels, stressing that there were gems in every corner of the country.

She said: “There have been lots of Jacobite pieces over the years – there’s a real variety of jewellery up here.”

She added that East Lothian was also brimming with jewels from storied families that had lived in the area for generations.

But one piece that always “stood out” for Clare was a ring that allegedly contained within it a few strands of a Mary Tudor’s distinctive red hair.

After tests, it was proved to be real and Clare added: “Most of the time, I am telling people that something isn’t genuine or valuable, but it’s a real pleasure to tell them it’s the opposite.”

Clare started working with jewels and gems as a Saturday job before moving to Scotland to study at university in St Andrews.

After university, she moved to London, working as a gemstone dealer throughout the 1990s before returning to Scotland to live in Edinburgh come the millennium.

Upon returning, she worked with Bonhams auction house, travelling the globe and dealing with some of the world’s most exquisite pieces.

In 2010, she moved to East Lothian, starting her own business – Clare Blatherwick Jewellery – from her home in North Berwick.

Using her home as a base, she always travels to visit clients’ homes in a “discreet” fashion. She added how this can become incredibly exciting “especially if they have large collections” as she never knows what jewels she might uncover.

Clare’s gemstone event at Marine North Berwick takes place on Wednesday, April 26, from 2pm to 8pm, and all visits are by appointment only.