The president of Musselburgh Amateur Musical Association (MAMA) has thanked Loretto School for being so quick to offer accommodation for the group’s latest show.

MAMA was due to perform Made In Dagenham at The Brunton in Musselburgh starting April 19, but was hit by the news last month that the theatre would be closed for all performances until June after issues were found with the roof.

The production of the show includes more than 40 cast members as well as an extensive crew.

Loretto School stepped in and the show is now expected to take place at the end of May or beginning of June.

Mark Becher, president of MAMA, said that it was stressful trying to find a new venue to accommodate such a large performance.

He said: “It certainly has been a stressful time for all of us involved, learning just five weeks before our opening night that the theatre at The Brunton was to close.

“Having rehearsed since last October, that news was devastating for us all, everyone having made such an investment of time and then thinking that it may all have been for nothing.

“East Lothian and Musselburgh has very few theatre spaces, particularly one that can accommodate almost 40 cast members on stage as our production has.

“As a long-standing community theatre group in Musselburgh, we very much wanted to ensure that we could still perform in the town or nearby, so we are most grateful to Loretto School for accommodating us for a week at the end of May or beginning of June.”

The group is now practising for the show and having to take into account the different style and size of stage at Loretto.

Mr Becher said re-marketing the show for the new venue would be key to ensuring it was a success.

He said: “We are now in the process of developing a new rehearsal schedule, adapting the show to fit in this new space and re-marketing the show to ensure that we have good-sized audiences for each performance and that people come to our new venue to see what should be a cracking production.”