THREE artists have joined forces for an exhibition in Dunbar.

Karin Chipulina, Anna Davis and Iona Molleson are at the heart of ‘In Land’, which explores East Lothian’s natural environment.

The exhibition, in Dunbar Town House, looks at the land’s fieldscapes, coastline, trees, plants and soil in pockets of space and time.

Karin studied at Edinburgh College of Art and is a community development worker.

Her work is influenced by and based on alchemy between plants, printing and tannin reactions with iron.

Meanwhile, Anna lives in the county and her recent work has been exploring ink-making from natural materials for drawing.

Finally, Iona studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art.

Fishing harbours are a recurring theme in her work and she enjoys transposing her notations of their features into textural screen prints and collagraphs.

Councillor Colin McGinn, the local authority’s spokesman for community wellbeing, sport, countryside and leisure, said: “East Lothian has a thriving arts scene with many artists and craft makers choosing to live and work here.

“Supporting and developing the arts provides a wide range of benefits and East Lothian Council celebrates the significant role the arts can play in lives of individuals and communities in the county.”

The exhibition runs until May 14.