North Berwick Trust has officially opened its general grant applications for charities, organisations and individuals looking to acquire funding to enhance local projects.

The trust – a charity which holds millions of pounds from a land sale to benefit local groups – is dedicated to identifying community needs and improving the quality of life in the town.

It is able to offer grants up to a maximum of £32,000 to initiatives that deliver and match the trust’s funding values. This has increased from the £30,000 previously available and is the first increase since the fund was originally established in 2018.

In autumn last year, £160,074 was awarded to 16 local projects, including £17,000 to support Sustaining NB’s project to reduce litter on the beach and High Street with six Bigbelly bins.

The Master Partner sponsorship of £30,000 to Fringe by the Sea to create a community festival hub also continued, and a £25,000 grant was awarded to the Scottish Seabird Centre to establish a year-round, multi-use hub and activities for the local community.

Funding is open to a wide variety of groups, including those that hope to enhance the town’s sporting, educational and heritage elements.

Additionally, the trust puts value on the environment and green space, as well as the improvement of community sustainability.

Funding is also earmarked to help the most vulnerable in the community.

Organisations, charities and individuals with initiatives that would see great benefit to the local community are encouraged to apply for a grant.

The closing date for applications for a general grant in this current round is Wednesday, April 19, at noon. Those needing assistance with the application should email