THE manager of a farm shop on the edge of Aberlady has urged people to be wary after two individuals were allegedly caught on camera rummaging through storage facilities behind the shop.

Craig Johnstone, manager at Gosford Bothy Farm Shop & Butchery at Gosford Estate, said that a suspicious vehicle had been seen driving up to the side of the shop on Tuesday morning before a man and woman began rummaging through storage containers.

The vehicle is described as a blue Volkswagen Touran with a taped-up back window.

Mr Johnstone told the Courier: “I saw the car drive up the side of the shop at about 11.15am yesterday, which I found a bit odd because the car park is by the front of the shop.

“I never thought too much of it but the CCTV showed a man and woman rummaging through the storage shed at the back of the shop.

“There’s a lot of scrap metal and stuff stored there, and thankfully they never took anything this time.

“I put a post up on Facebook about it and lots of people have said they have seen the same car all over the county.

“They have apparently been in Macmerry and Dunbar, and also in Midlothian too. People are saying that scrap metal has been stolen.”

Mr Johnstone reported the incident to police and said that he hoped his post would raise some awareness.

He said: “I can’t imagine the police will be able to do much because nothing was actually stolen

“It was more just to make them aware of the vehicle and what happened.

“Hopefully people are just cautious and ensure valuables are locked away. Thankfully nothing was taken from us but that may not be the case for everyone.”

Police Scotland have been contacted for comment.