Tranent Wombles have set up their first Tranent Wombles-branded ‘test bin’ in Tranent, which aims to help monitor litter levels in areas where litter volume is high.

The Wombles have received funding from East Lothian Council for the bins and are looking to test which areas are in most need of them.

The idea was developed alongside East Lothian Council, to confirm whether additional bins in Tranent would have an impact on areas most affected by litter.

Sharon Macleod, from the Wombles, said: “Although we have a good number of bins in Tranent, we are still seeing significant amounts of litter in key locations across the town.

“We have funding for some additional public bins and want to make sure we place them in the areas that provide the biggest impact.

“We are still going out on our weekly joint Wombles to pick litter, and loads of members still go out daily tackling their local streets, but we’ve noticed that there are areas that we go back to time and time again to try and keep clean.

“Littering is never just about not having enough bins but we hope that people will see our branded bin and think twice about dropping litter.

“We will work with the council to monitor the use of the bins and, where they are seen to provide a benefit, we will work to get a permanent bin installed.”

The first test bin has been placed near Lindores Drive, near the Pollinator Parklet which the Wombles set up earlier this year and is the first enhanced green space the Wombles are planting.