TRANENT, Wallyford and Macmerry ward councillor Lee-Anne Menzies has urged people to be kind to community councillors after noticing people being overly critical on social media.

Ms Menzies said that she had seen many abusive comments on an unnamed community council’s Facebook post and urged people to remember to be kind.

She said in a post on social media: “I‘d like to use this opportunity to ask for us to remember to try and be kind.

“I have seen a few comments on Facebook that were aimed at a community council for literally carrying out their role in the exact way that they were requested to.

“Community councillors are hard to come by and worth their weight in gold. The work they do, without pay or recognition, is amazing.

“All over the county, community councils were at the heart of the resilience camps that literally got us through Covid – delivering shopping, meals, medicines and being the lifeline for those that couldn’t get out and about.

“The fireworks, the Christmas lights, the community champion awards, and so much more only take place because of the dedication of our community councils.

“Then, there’s the many groups who receive support from the community council and representation at the area partnership for significant funding.

“They hold us councillors to account and the police too. I really can’t overplay the significance of their role. And they do it because they want to help.

“They’re kind and caring – you have to be to want to help and to work so hard without a soul knowing about it.

“So, please be kind.

“I owe every one of the community councillors within our ward a huge debt of gratitude. We all do.”

Ms Menzies urged people with genuine concerns about issues in the community to instead try and get involved in working on a solution to problems.

An East Lothian Council spokesperson said: “Community councils play a vital role in East Lothian as part of the democratic process, representing their area on a range of important issues and leading on initiatives.

“Community councillors, who are all volunteers, give their time and experience to benefit their community and should be able to do so without being the subject of hateful comments.

“There is no place for abuse of officials or volunteers in any role or in any organisation.

“If anyone has a concern or complaint about how a community council conducts its business they can raise it respectfully with that forum.”