A cheeky fox has been caught red handed outside a home in Musselburgh after several egg deliveries went missing from a home.

The furry creature was captured on camera by Royal Mail employee Martin Forrest, 55, outside his home on Delta Drive.

Martin had noticed multiple egg deliveries from McQueen’s Dairies had been going missing and suspected the four legged creature was to blame.

Having spent days trying to catch the thief, he spotted him outside his house on Wednseday evening.

He told the Courier: “This is the second time my eggs have gone missing and at first I thought someone had taken them. This time however, the egg box was in the front garden in pieces.

“I've seen foxes around here for some time. I leave for work early in the morning and often see one or more going around.

“This one in particular seems very bold. I first noticed it around 8:30pm on my kitchen window ledge.

“There's often leftover cat food in a dish outside for the local cats. It saw me but didn't seem scared.

“A little later I looked in the front and there it was again. I wanted to get a pic so quickly put out some dry cat food.

“I opened the door and there it was happily sat there eating while I videoed it. After a minute I left it to itself and it was gone soon after.”

Mr Forrest lives on Delta Drive with his wife and 19-year-old child. He said he spoke with the delivery driver for McQueen’s and would be investing in a box to have his eggs delivered to in the future.