HARD-WORKING volunteers at an historic harbour have been praised for their efforts.

Dunbar Harbour dates back to the 1500s and is home to nearly 30 fishing vessels, ranging from six to 15 metres long.

Craig Hoy, South Scotland MSP, visited the harbour and found out about the work of volunteers from the Dunbar Harbour Trust (DHT).

He said: “Dunbar’s harbour is a very special place, and that is thanks to the remarkable work of local volunteers.

“It was exciting to see how the work of the trust has helped to bring the history of the harbour to life for residents and visitors alike.

“The trust have some very exciting ideas to modernise visitor experiences for younger people and to potentially open up the grounds of Dunbar Castle for visitors; however, there are funding constraints.

“I will be pushing East Lothian Council and the Scottish Government to fund the fantastic work of the trust, who play a pivotal role in preserving Dunbar’s heritage and local economy.”

The politician spoke to local fishermen who lay creels to catch lobsters, brown crabs and velvet crabs, which are then exported to other parts of Scotland, the UK and France.

Dunbar Harbour also hosts water sports including kayaking, paddle boarding and diving, with regular on-season events, including the Dunbar Regatta in June.

Alasdair Swan, chairman of DHT, said: “It is always a pleasure to show politicians like Mr Hoy around our harbour when they then take a positive interest in the harbour activities. It is so encouraging to those of us who volunteer to look after this historic place that is so special to our town.”

Anyone interested in volunteering for the group can email webmaster@dunbarharbourtrust.co.uk