PRESTON Athletic Football Club’s management team will star on this week’s episode of a popular BBC TV football programme.

A film crew from A View From The Terrace were on hand to see the Prestonpans side come from behind to win against Thornton Hibs on February 26.

The crew, who spent 10 hours filming at the Pennypit, will focus on the ups and downs of life in the hot seat for co-managers Paul Currie and John Daly.

Currie, who also lines up for the side in midfield, enjoyed the experience – even if they “had me doing 200 keepie-uppies” after playing 90 minutes.

Preston won the King Cup clash 3-2, and action from the game and the managers will be shown on the BBC Scotland programme this evening (Friday) at 10.30pm.

The former Musselburgh midfielder said: “Myself and John did 40 minutes sitting down and sitting in front of the camera.

“We spoke about how it all came about, how we think it is going and how we get on.

“It was a piece on us really and they made a day of it.

“They were in the changing room before the game, half-time and filming stuff during the game as well.”

Currie and Paul Montgomery took on the job when long-serving boss Jack Lynch left last summer.

When Paul Montgomery left the club to move to Australia, Daly joined the team.

Currie, who also played for Raith Rovers, joked that he spoke more to his co-manager than his wife.

He added: “They asked if it was unique being co-managers.

“I don’t think there are many, apart from at Leith, where they have got Craig Hume and John Robertson as co-managers.

“They are both still playing but other than that I don’t think there are many, if any, in the league apart from John and myself.

“We do get on really well and have got a good balance.

“There is a good cop/bad cop kind of thing – John is the bad cop!”

Among those being filmed was Donald Reid, the club’s chairman.

He started following the East of Scotland First Division club when his son Marc signed and has been involved with the committee for six years.

Mr Reid said: “It is unusual, in a sense, having co-managers – that was one of their [the film crew] questions.

“We got asked what happens if they fall out but we don’t really take anything to do with the football – that is up to them.

“The two of them are like man and wife. They seem to get on but have their moments!

“We feel it is working and Paul has got the respect with playing with them and John is like bad cop and deals with disciplinary.

“It is a great atmosphere and is working for them.”

A View From The Terrace, which is described as “an irreverent, sideways look at the world of Scottish football”, was first broadcast in 2019.

It regularly features former Courier reporter Joel Sked.

Mr Reid said: “We are not a massive club and what we are trying to do is to get locals involved.

“It is a very young team and we have got young local lads. We are trying to get locals involved, to support and maybe even out at times.”